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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The amazing fire juggler during Naked Tourist's set (includes MOVIES)

Well, I promised it earlier, and here it is. Problem is, you really had to be there, so you may not wish to go to the bother of downloading these MOV files, although they're not as vast as some of the ones on this blog.

During Naked Tourist's set, towards the end of it I think, this Japanese fellow made a gap in the crowd and started juggling with fire. Now, I've seen this bollocks at Glastonbury, the Big Chill, Zambia, all over the place. Normally it passes me by. But this act was so awesome it was, for me, The Moment Of The Entire Festival. Oh, except the little matter of the eclipse of course, which was also kind of special.

He was throwing those little fiery thingumijigs all over the place, sometimes throwing three of them high into the air and catching them. Perhaps a couple of thousand people at that moment were dancing in front of him, but no one was at risk. This man's accuracy was unbelievable.

If you don't believe me when I say it was The Defining Moment, here's proof. When he finished his act, such was the elation of the crowd that dozens of people rushed forward, lifted the little Japanese fella up on their shoulders, and carried him off cheering - an honour normally only bestowed to Great People such as Bobby Moore or Gorgeous George Galloway. When he returned to the crowd moments later, we all rushed forward, myself included, to lay our hands on his sweaty hairless chest. I'm not sure why we did that, it was something that just needed to be done. As though we needed to touch him, to get some of his magic. It was quite bizarre. But extremely memorable. (Must have been even more memorable for him, to have hundreds of Crusties rushing forwards trying to touch his chest, I imagine...)

Anyway, I promised you some MOV files and here they are. You get a good idea about the whole thing from them, but these are very short files just a few seconds long. He did this for about 20 minutes. It was feckin amazing. Trust me. I was there.

File 1: (1.8 meg)

File 2: (2.7 meg)

File 3: (5 meg)

File 4: (0.5 meg)


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