The main purpose of this blog is to share photographs taken during the Soulclipse festival in Antalya (Turkey) at the end March 2006, which coincided with a fabulous total solar eclipse. Please add comments - I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The weather on the whole, apart from the Sunday night, Monday afternoon and Friday, was on the whole very good. Unlike in Glastonbury, where the clay prevents water from soaking away easily, just a few hours of sunshine would suffice for the ground to go hard again.

Also hats off to the excellent workers who dug gulleys and channels to stop the water from flooding too badly. I would often see bar staff, wearing their "Champions of Europe 2005" T-shirts, get a spade and widen a gulley to divert water away and into the river. You don't see the bar staff helping out like that at Glasto. And in spite of the massive deluge, there were no mass flooded areas as you are accustomed to seeing at other festivals when it rains. On the whole, this aspect was well organised and well thought out.


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