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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Energy Snot Balls

I am so excited to get a rare photograph of the queen of energy balls. If you have attended any number of crustie raves and festies you will have come across this amazing woman at some point, normally when you are absolutely exhausted, trying to pull yourself out of a hole. She's the one with the big red bowl, mixing snot, chocolate, wheatgerm and other things into these balls that she will later sell in the wee hours of the morning. The whole preparation is quite ceremonial. Two young guys (not pictured), both Indian or Middle Eastern, one chubby and the other with these amazing white teeth, help her with the mixture, pounding away at the concoction while the chubby guy adds his own snot to help the binding process. I believe there is a mystical reason for this: something to do with gnosis following being lured by samsara or something. For when you are truly in need of sustenance, of something to bring you back to life, as you crawl through the biosphere, and you discover the Mage with her ready-made balls next to her, selling them for a Euro apiece (or whatever you can afford), as soon as you take one bite, you are brought back to life, as though you were suddenly enlightened. The power and the energy within these snot balls is truly wonderous. Thankfully, as slowly you become more enlightened with each mucus-soaked bite, and take in the energy that the chubby Indian fellow has so graciously given you, you discover you can stand again, as you make your way back to the dance floor in search of samsara again....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Selling snot balls for a Euro apiece? Who'd buy them? :)

Great site Tris, and very interesting.


1:21 PM

Blogger Tristán White said...

Errrm. I did. :-)

Honestly, they have this energy within them that wakes you up. You know when you get so zonked at raves that you sometimes feel extremely weak and about to pass out? One bite of these snot/energy balls and you feel your brain coming to life again, I kid you not. This is the second time that this woman has "saved" me with her balls. I can't remember where the first time was, I think it was some outdoors party in the UK.

1:34 PM


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