The main purpose of this blog is to share photographs taken during the Soulclipse festival in Antalya (Turkey) at the end March 2006, which coincided with a fabulous total solar eclipse. Please add comments - I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Eclipse! Yeah!! Wow!

Digital cameras are great, aren't they? You can take some amazing photos of ravers off their tits gurning and bumming the bassbins but when it comes to a natural phenomenon that is 1400 million kilometres in diametre and can be seen perfectly with the natural eye, the results are shite.

The upper picture I took by holding my eclipse glasses over the lens, and the second one was without anything. Useless.

I did record a MOV file of some of the experience, but it's 40 megabytes in size so only download it if you have seriously good bandwidth (and do right-click and save-as to your hard disk, rather than attempt to watch it online). I started recording half-way into totality, and it shows the sky getting suddenly brighter and loads of people whooping in the distance, and Emer enjoying every minute, but it won't win any Oscars....


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