The main purpose of this blog is to share photographs taken during the Soulclipse festival in Antalya (Turkey) at the end March 2006, which coincided with a fabulous total solar eclipse. Please add comments - I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dirty Dancing

This guy - bless him - really cracked us up. He was playing frisbee earlier with some girls, and whenever he'd let go of the frisbee he would go "yeahh" and pulled a funny face. He wasn't aware he was doing it. It was a little cruel, but Leo (q.v.) then went "yeahh" out loud just when the above gentleman threw the disk, which was hilariously funny - although it embarrassed him, I fear.

However, the man's embarrassment was ephemeral, for within a few minutes he was getting down to some downright dirty dancing on the dancefloor. Yeahh!


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