The main purpose of this blog is to share photographs taken during the Soulclipse festival in Antalya (Turkey) at the end March 2006, which coincided with a fabulous total solar eclipse. Please add comments - I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The outdoors eating area

The one thing that was downright poor about the Soulclipse festival was the food. It was overpriced, and not enough selection. This was not the fault of the Soulclipse organisers of course, but more the fault of both greed and lack of foresight from the vendors. Food is cheap to buy in Turkey, so it seemed quite inappropriate to charge 6 or 7 Euros for a piece of crap. In Glastonbury and festivals in the UK, where the food is more expensive to source, it is both cheaper and more varied. This was poor.

"Pizzas" were 5 Euro for a frozen pizza base covered with a mean handful of cheese and plumped into an oven for three minutes. Invariably, your order would end up going to someone else, especially if the guy in charge had had a few too many. Crepes were also 5 Euro, but boringly just nutella and a few bits of nut and hundreds and thousands - how easy would it have been to have offered a savoury alternative as well? And in the land of the kebab, one would have thought that a Doner Kebab stall - so popular already in the original countries of most of the ravers - would have been an obvious choice... but no one set one up.

The only decent food was to be had at the Israeli omelette stall, but even they were pricey - especially if paying in Turkish Lira (5 Euros or 10 Turkish Lira - whereas in fact 5 Euros are 7.5 Turkish Lira - so therefore cheaper in Euros). But at least their food was very nice. However, there is a limit to the amount of omelette rolls you can have in a festival. I think I managed about six.


Anonymous Francis said...

The israeli omelet sandwiches were indeed great.. but how come you have missed the fish and chips a few stops down the street, that was absolutely delicious! I didn't eat so much though, taking the opportunity to loose some weight: from 70 to 66, not bad. I had a really amazing time, thanks for the pictures and cya around.

1:01 PM

Blogger Tristán White said...

Oh I didn't miss them. They weren't bad, the fish'n'chips, apart from the fact that it was really mackerel'n'chips in a bun, and they'd run out of batter. But it was OK. Mackerel's never been my favourite fish, I guess.

12:03 AM


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