The main purpose of this blog is to share photographs taken during the Soulclipse festival in Antalya (Turkey) at the end March 2006, which coincided with a fabulous total solar eclipse. Please add comments - I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Chill Out area

As you will have noticed, this blog is called My Locus Amoenus. A Locus Amoenus is a "beautiful place" in Latin, and in Medieval literature one would often come across a clearing in a wood, by a river, where a Christian king would ravish a beautiful Moorish princess. This was known as a "locus amoenus" and Soulclipse had one of its own. To the cool psychedelic pulse of great DJs, from Teo to Shpongle to Michele Adamson, festival goers would relax in hammocks beside the great river, sipping on their chai and smoking oddly shaped cigarettes. :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! I'm blown away, the river site looks amazing. Thank you soo much for putting up these photos. Being located the otherside of the planet meant I was unable to attend Souclipse, but your blog gives me such great vibes I really wish I was there...

5:03 AM

Blogger Tristán White said...

There were many, many people from the other side of the planet who were there... many from Australia - possibly a couple of hundred. And from México. And Japan. When it comes to psytrance and solar eclipses, distance is no object! See you in Siberia 2008, my friend!!

6:12 PM


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